Works in progress

A (very short) list of stories I’m working on. Trying to, anyway. Most of them have been in a state of stagnancy for months. Years, even. These titles are those I am actively working on.

Original fiction:

Death is a Four-Letter Word – 1001 ways you experience death (but not personally). Or Dummy’s Guide to Grieving.

Tale of the Dancing Boy – it was initially named Turning of Time. I’m also having a lot of trouble with this one since my head is rewriting the entire story. I was happy with the first draft, dornit! I… actually am not sure about this one. It is heavily inspired by a favourite movie, and borrows some concepts from it, so… Could it be argued that it is really fanfiction and not original?

Truth Behind Double Vision – this was meant to be a horror story, under 1,000 words. Somehow, it’s morphing into a somewhat sci-fi-ish story. Horror stories always have this element of mystery. And I had that, that unexplainable situation but I just had to know, and explore the whys and wherefores which inevitably affected the plot (rather, it didn’t have much of a plot and suddenly, hey, plot!)and that kind of took away the horror factor.

Never Too Far – a black hole has appeared! Too bad nobody could see it except for the lead character (yet unnamed).

When Tomorrow Comes – unapologetic emo piece. Rain and blue skies.

Catharsis – series of vignettes, revolving around one death.


Explosion of Happiness! – an Eyeshield 21 drabble, with cameo parts from another series. ^_^

Sidequest – Yu Yu Hakusho story. I don’t even know why I’m writing for this fandom.


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