A new home… hopefully

Er. So, WordPress kind of interested me, so much that I’m thinking of making it my blog’s new home. It means importing posts from my eljay account, aisushi (because I am apparently incapable of maintaining more than one blog at a time, even if one is only a mirror). But then, the importing thing is quite… intimidating. Okay, not really, but it would be quite tedious, replacing links and stuff.

Either I buckle up or just start fresh. Huh.


One Response to A new home… hopefully

  1. aisushi is sooo fickle! ^_^ hee hee. you’ve been through LJ, blogspot, and now wordpress! nyaha. will link this when it seems stable (somehow i find the possibility of you maintaining 3 simultaneous blogs dubious… ) nyahaha. 🙂

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