I has gone raeped english again

4 February 2008

So there I was, watching the first few episodes of Berserk (and trying to shut up the manga-verse voice in my head) and I… wasn’t struck by ideas for writing. I think I was too busy squee-ing at the utter ghei of Griffith’s and Guts’ early days. *cough*

The striking came much later, and this was the mini-result:

He doesn’t like weak people because when they die, he feels that he’s somehow failed in protecting them (no matter how unreasonable and illogical the thought); that’s why he finds it easier – though not much of a comfort – to hate them and be the cause of their death; at least this way, there’s a reason for his guilt.

This may or may not lead to something. Only the vaguest ideas had nibbled in the past.


An old work

1 February 2008

Title: Anghel sa Lupa
Word Count: ~650
A/N: Written for a subject several years back, pounded out in the hour before the class. No beta work. Never published anywhere as far as my memory goes. Given to Gracie-chan for her birthday last year. Made a few minor edits. It’s still bad.


“Sa palagay mo kaya, kung taimtim akong hihiling sa Diyos, maibibigay Niya ang nais ko?”

Nagitla ako. Hindi ko inaasahan ang tanong na iyon. Nainis ako ‘pagka’t ayokong maistorbo ang aking pag-iisa. Luminga ako at nakita ang isang bata na ‘di man gusgusin, ay halata mo namang nakaranas na ng paghihirap.

Nasa Manila Bay ako no’n. Palakad-lakad. Walang direksyon, walang patutunguhan. Tatlong buwan na akong naghahanap ng trabaho. Tatlong buwan nang pumupunta sa mga panayam na wala namang ibinubungang trabaho. Ang maliit kong impok ay unti-unti ng naglalaho. Katulad ng pag-asa ko na parang bulaklak na nalalanta sa bawat araw na nagdaraan na ako’y walang makitang maaaring mapagkakitaan.

Pagod na ako.

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A new home… hopefully

22 January 2008

Er. So, WordPress kind of interested me, so much that I’m thinking of making it my blog’s new home. It means importing posts from my eljay account, aisushi (because I am apparently incapable of maintaining more than one blog at a time, even if one is only a mirror). But then, the importing thing is quite… intimidating. Okay, not really, but it would be quite tedious, replacing links and stuff.

Either I buckle up or just start fresh. Huh.